Annual Safety Test and Maintenance of your Charge Point

Performing regular inspections on your Charge Point can help you identify potential issues early before they become more severe (and more costly).  A standard list of preventative maintenance items for your Charge Point can be performed by AQE.

This inspection checklist includes

  • A visual inspection to ensure that all components are clean and appear to be functioning properly
  • A mechanical inspection to make sure charging connections and controls are operational
  • A test and inspection of safety devices, including RCD trip times, earth loop impedance and circuit breaker functionality.
  • A maintenance certificate will be issued after each service.

Additional benefits from our aftercare package include,

  • A maximum 24 hours response time for EV charging station failures
  • A maximum target of 7 working days for EV charger component replacement and repairs
  • Unlimited call outs every year
  • One annual safety test and service per charger each year