21 September 2021/ 84 views

Hypervolt Black – Hypervolt White

Todays customer had the choice of two Hypervolts – the black unit is new – grey to come. All Hypervolts are available in 7 KW – Type 1 & 2 – Tethered leads of 5.0m, 7.5m & 10m. Also a £50 discount is available for Armed Forces and Blue Light Card holders.   …

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21 September 2021/ 85 views

New Edition !! Black Hypervolt

One of this weeks installs – near Selby. One of the first Black Hypervolts to be installed in the UK !. 25m Steel Wire Armoured cable, from the meter cabinet, down the wall, dug across flower bed, up the outside of the garage, through the garage roof, down inside the garage – no visible cable supplying the charger. Customer very happy 😉 …

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15 September 2021/ 57 views

Hypervolts in Hull

Two Hypervolt chargers installed in Hull in 1 day. Both customers qualified for the blue light/armed forces £50 discount. Nice to give back to those who have helped us all. 2 x Happy customers and a referral to a friend.   …

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15 September 2021/ 52 views

Pod Point on a Post !!!!

Another challenging install, 40 meters Steel Wire Armoured cable, through a loft, under a path, through a trench and clipped along the side of a car port. All while dodging rain showers 🙂   Result = Happy customer.   …

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15 September 2021/ 53 views

Workplace Charger – Hypervolt

Hypervolt charger installed in Pickering under the Work Place Charging Scheme.   We tried a new type of cable clamps on this install – can you see them?.   This combined with the screw covers on the holster resulted  in a very tidy install and a happy customer. …

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15 September 2021/ 104 views

Hypervolt Installation !!

At AQECP we pride ourselves on personal service and quality workmanship. This install was a nice challenge with a very happy customer – please read the review below!. ” After much deliberation my husband and I decided to purchase an all electric car, finding the vehicle was the easy part. The sales executive was keen to tell us that gettin …

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